Supernatural Quick Reference


What follows is a list of supernatural beings/terms- accompanied with a brief overview of what is know and most commonly accepted about them.

  • Ghost – a non-descript entity.  The term is applicable to any phenomena deemed to originate with a Disembodied Conscious Entity (DCE) and may include residual energies, quantum bleeds, unconscious ESP, perception of OBEs, orbs, and many other causalities.
  • Poltergeist – a ‘noisy ghost’ that interacts with the physical plane.  The interaction of this being suggests consciousness, although the  entity may be a DCE or that of a daimonic being.
  • Daimon/daemon –  a non-human consciousness that is seeking to communicate or attain a form by which it may attain manifestation.  Such beings are fuelled by the psychic and emotional energies produced by humans.  Malevolent daimons may feed upon fears and emotional turmoil and may originally seize upon emotional stresses and depressions to further the development of a negative atmosphere with the end goal of a total suppression of the conscious mind of its host in order to facilitate a possession.


Other beings/energies:

  • Ahky- child of Loviatar and Wing, bringer of colic.
  • Alaisiage- similar to Valkyrja in that they assist Odin in bringing about war.
  • Aptgangr/Draugr- a vengeful spirit that may take a ghostly or zombie like form.
  • Backahast- a deadly spirit taking the form of a ferry or passage across water only to drown the passengers.
  • Bergbui- mountain giants led by Bergjarl
  • Bergfolk- a race of trolls that seemingly only ever bother Christians and then only if the Christians bother them first.
  • Bergriser- cliff giants
  • Circhos- mermaid like creature of black skin with red markings, having three toes on each foot and legs of different lengths.
  • Endrop- part horse, part fish and offers water passage to persons whom it then drowns
  • Haltija- a Finnish gnome who protects household possessions
  • Havfine- mermaid like creature that kills sailors
  • Havfrue/Havmand- Danish mermaid which has skills in prophesy
  • Hrimthursar- Frost giants who hold back the frost from fertile lands
  • Hyrcinian bird- bird with wings that glow
  • Kalevanpojat- violently destructive giants of Finland
  • Kobold- metal working gnome of Germany
  • Lindworm- a snake with a horses head that guards graves.
  • Mara or Mare- personification of a nightmare that can trouble the persons sleep or crush and kill as in Ynglinga Saga
  • Margygr- ugly mermaid
  • Metsanhaltia- old man of the forest with a coat of lichen and a long grey beard. His screams warn of the coming death of someone he sees.
  • Nacken- centaur like creature with the torso and head of a man and reversed hooves.
  • Nickar- water spirit that is fond of music but will often drown people
  • Paise- spirit that spreads ulcers
  • Para- cat spirit that steals milk and food for farmers.
  • Riisi- spirit that causes rickets
  • Rossthof- killer magician of Finland
  • Rupi- spirit that spreads scabies
  • Rutto- spirit that spreads plague
  • Sarkany- human rider of 9 heads that turns those that see him into stone, but may also appear as a dragon
  • Scoffin- winged and horned wyrm
  • Sjoorm- large wyrm who can be found on land or in the water
  • Surma- Finnish guardian of the underworld that devours those that attempt to return
  • Swamfisk- large Norwegian fish that plays dead to devour smaller fish that attempt to feed on its corpse
  • Syoja- spirit that causes cancer
  • Vikhor- Russian magician that became a whirlwind
  • Vu-Murt- seductive water spririt of fresh waters.
  • Vuokho- giant bird of Finland that makes a thinderous noise when it flaps its wings

NOTE:  this section is due to be expanded with a major update that will be linked to current study into an array of phenomena.