Supernatural Quick Reference


What follows is a list of supernatural beings/terms- accompanied with a brief overview of what is know and most commonly accepted about them.

  • Ahky- child of Loviatar and Wing, bringer of colic.
  • Alaisiage- similar to Valkyrja in that they assist Odin in bringing about war.
  • Aptgangr/Draugr- a vengeful spirit that may take a ghostly or zombie like form.
  • Backahast- a deadly spirit taking the form of a ferry or passage across water only to drown the passengers.
  • Bergbui- mountain giants led by Bergjarl
  • Bergfolk- a race of trolls that seemingly only ever bother Christians and then only if the Christians bother them first.
  • Bergriser- cliff giants
  • Circhos- mermaid like creature of black skin with red markings, having three toes on each foot and legs of different lengths.
  • Endrop- part horse, part fish and offers water passage to persons whom it then drowns
  • Haltija- a Finnish gnome who protects household possessions
  • Havfine- mermaid like creature that kills sailors
  • Havfrue/Havmand- Danish mermaid which has skills in prophesy
  • Hrimthursar- Frost giants who hold back the frost from fertile lands
  • Hyrcinian bird- bird with wings that glow
  • Kalevanpojat- violently destructive giants of Finland
  • Kobold- metal working gnome of Germany
  • Lindworm- a snake with a horses head that guards graves.
  • Mara or Mare- personification of a nightmare that can trouble the persons sleep or crush and kill as in Ynglinga Saga
  • Margygr- ugly mermaid
  • Metsanhaltia- old man of the forest with a coat of lichen and a long grey beard. His screams warn of the coming death of someone he sees.
  • Nacken- centaur like creature with the torso and head of a man and reversed hooves.
  • Nickar- water spirit that is fond of music but will often drown people
  • Paise- spirit that spreads ulcers
  • Para- cat spirit that steals milk and food for farmers.
  • Riisi- spirit that causes rickets
  • Rossthof- killer magician of Finland
  • Rupi- spirit that spreads scabies
  • Rutto- spirit that spreads plague
  • Sarkany- human rider of 9 heads that turns those that see him into stone, but may also appear as a dragon
  • Scoffin- winged and horned wyrm
  • Sjoorm- large wyrm who can be found on land or in the water
  • Surma- Finnish guardian of the underworld that devours those that attempt to return
  • Swamfisk- large Norwegian fish that plays dead to devour smaller fish that attempt to feed on its corpse
  • Syoja- spirit that causes cancer
  • Vikhor- Russian magician that became a whirlwind
  • Vu-Murt- seductive water spririt of fresh waters.
  • Vuokho- giant bird of Finland that makes a thinderous noise when it flaps its wings

Other beings/energies:

  • Ghost – an energy residue.  Most likely caused by a traumatic event, the psychic energy has left a residual trace which reverberates and thus repeats throughout time.  The ‘ghost’ energy is far from conscious and is thus little more than a glimpse of a past event.  Most commonly, ghosts will be perceived as orbs of light.  Orbs signify the centralised gathering of energy as the ghost attempts to manifest into a fully formed apparition (having full-form).
  • Poltergeist – a ‘noisy ghost’ that interacts.  The interaction of this being suggests consciousness.  The poltergeist is therefore likely either an energy bleed from a parallel dimension (unaware that it is interacting with our dimension) or it is a more malevolent being that is attempting to oppress the victims.  The more likely energy bleed is a consequence of the quantum multiverse – we are equally as likely to appear as a ‘ghost’ to the being we perceive as a poltergeist and we thus may also interact unwillingly with their dimension.
  • Daemon –  a non-human consciousness that is seeking a form by which it may attain manifestation.  Feeding upon fears and emotional turmoil, it may originally seize upon emotional stresses and depressions to further the development of a negative atmosphere with the end goal of a total suppression of the conscious mind of its host in order to facilitate a possession.

NOTE:  this section is due to be expanded with a major update that will be linked to current study into an array of phenomena.