Paranormal services

I am willing to discuss any paranormal phenomena with you.  If you are genuinely seeking help, rather than publicity, then I will discuss how I am able to assist you and look towards arangement of a date when I can attend to your needs.  I will take on hauntings, apparitions, poltergeists, perceived daemonic entities, and anything else.  Fees are applicable for these services and these ranges from expenses and a right to document and publish my account of the incident, to the imposition of an hourly charge.  The level of fees applicable to each instance is set dependant on what I feel is appropriate to the circumstances — if you generally need help and have nowehere to turn, then there may be no fee other than expenses and rights to publication.  If you are seeking publicity, then I will charge you accordingly and you will get no publicity from me.

Paranormal investigation services are available in Lancashire, England.  Locations further afield are considered upon a case-by-case basis.


Further services:

I am able to offer the following services in Lancashire, England:

Rune readings

Tarot readings

I am willing to discuss bookings of these services for workshops, corporate/social evenings,

Note:  these services are offered only on a pre-arranged basis and a deposit is required.  Discussion as to your needs is essential prior to the scheduling of these services and I reserve the right to decline business where appropriate.  

About the Tarot

Both the Runes and the Tarot are keys to understanding the journey of your life and finding guidance.  Any notion of sinister energies with either the Runes or the Tarot is the product of Hollywood and media misrepresentation.

The Tarot is believed to have its origins with the descendants of the Serapis (the Gypsies) who rescued them from the library of the Serapeum in Alexandria.  The origins of the Tarot itself may reach all the way back into ancient Egypt, with the word ‘Tarot’ possibly deriving from two Egyptian words – ‘Tar’ (“road”) and ‘Ro’ (“royal”), thereby giving us the Royal Road to wisdom of ancient Egypt.  The first recorded trace of the ‘cards’ themselves is in 15th Century Milan where an artist named Bonifacio Bembo gave a set to the Visconti family.

The cards, whether used as a map of the psyche or for divination,  provide a key by which you are able to understand the totality of your being, knowing the unconscious mind as well as your conscious ego.  I can interpret the cards for you and provide you with an insight into the answers you seek.

Tarot reading: £20

About the Runes

The Runes are both a mystical symbol and form of language.  The word ‘Rune’ means ‘mystery’ and the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark are those with a mythological association with Odin, supreme god of the Norse (Vikings).  I explain more about the Runes of the Edler Futhark in my book Runes The Mystery Keys — available now on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

The throwing of marked lots, likely to have been Runes or Ogham, for divination was noted by Tacitus during the Roman Empire’s journey across Northern Europe.  As a form of divination, the Runes may be used to seek guidance as to what is currently manifesting within the Web of Wyrd and so reveal the likely path of your own thread within the tapestry of time.

Rune reading: £10