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If you have a paranormal case that may prove of interest — then let me know.  If you have a paranormal issue and seek assistance in ending any disturbances — use the contact page and see if I can assist you through my knowledge and experience with the occult and the practice of magical rites (including those of exorcism and daemonic communication).  It may simply be that you are in Lancashire and want a tarot or rune reading — I offer these also.  If you wish to learn how to read the tarot or runes, then this can also be discussed.  There are those times when you may have need of someone prepared to work magic for you — ask the question and give a brief outline and perhaps I will be willing to assist you here for a fee.

All services come at a cost, a monetary cost and not a karmic balance.  I adhere to no neo-pagan concept of all magic and divination being free of charge.  Real magic comes at a cost to myself and so I expect reparation for the energies I may expend upon your need.  That sounds harsh, but that is how it is.  Try the ‘free’ services first — I insist.  You know where to find me.

Enter your details below, along with your message and Äsruþr  will respond.  Questions, calls for assistance into occult/paranormal issues and fan mail are all welcome.  Spam and abuse is really far from worth the effort to send…