Scientists Say 6-inch Mummy is the Result of Genetic Mutation and Stress it is NOT an Alien.

Now, given that I generally asign little time or energy to the possibility of aliens, the report into tests on the six-inch La Noria, Chile, mummy is fascinating.  The mummy, which has travelled from Chile to Spain, in private collections, has finally undergone genetic tests.

The results of the tests reveal a number of genetic mutations that are offered as an explanation for the small height of the individual, the malformation of the skull, and the apparent age of the bones..  The official report suggests that the mummy is that of a child who likely died during or soon after birth as a direct result of deformities preventing feeding and making breathing difficult etc.

Without such claims from geneticists, the proportion of the mummy, shaping of the skull, formation of only ten pairs of ribs (rather than the normal eleven), and the relative age of the bones (being that of a pre-pubescent child) all suggests far more than the result of genetic mutations.  With such a combination of manifest symtpomology, then there should be other similar deformities in other specimens found within the region as such a degree of mutation suggests a significant environmental cause (as evident in the fall-out from a nuclear explosion etc.).  Whilst such additional cases are otherwise unknown, I am therefore inclined to suspect that there is something more to the small mummy.  The potential for the mummy to represent something preternatural (yes, even extra-terrestrial) is significant, although I am more inclined to suspect that the find may represent an ellaborate hoax of some sort (admittedly, the lengths that the hoaxer would have to resort to are extreme).

Verdict: UNRESOLVED.  The official verdict, as with many such claims by scienctists, is open to challenge.  There is more to this case and it is in no way closed.


You can find the BBC News story linked below, with the above image taken from the report.

Source: Origin of ‘six-inch mummy’ confirmed – BBC News


Fragment 3: Bizarre Lancashire is available now!


In the north of England, the county of Lancashire is home to an array of strange phenomena, including many skulls that are buried in the walls of buildings. Asruthr here presents an overview of the many phenomena, including the assertion that the most haunted site of all is undocumented and off-limits to the public. As an insight into the wider relevance of Lancashire to the links between John Dee and the witches of both Pendle and Salem, the material discussed here makes for intriguing listening.  Fragment 3: Bizarre Lancashire is available now!

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What Is Consciousness? Science Moves Towards a Theory of Graduated Interaction Between the Mind & Body

What is consciousness?  What differentiates between the mind and the brain?

The work of Dr Mashour and his team at the University of Michigan offer an interesting study which suggests that rather than consciousness having binary on/off states, there is a gradual process of integration/seperation which occurs as we gain/lose consciousness.

Such a hypothesis aligns with notions of the brain as the mind-body interface.  Interestingly, the gradual integration of mind with the body on a daily basis is part of the hypothesis I offered in my philosophical horror To Seere a Body.  Admittedly, Mashour and the his team stop short of supporting my theory that we are daimonic entities which interface with a physical body, akin to possession, on a daily basis.  For those who have yet to read my work, the drain upon the energies of the physical form leads to the daily ejection of the daimonic parasite — hence the physical need for sleep.  It is a theory I have also written upon as part of my works for the Order of Apep as part of the ontological studies undertaken therein.

The article, from Newsweek, is linked below.   The above image is also a part of the article from Newsweek.

Source: What Is Consciousness? New Study Sheds Light on What Happens in the Brain During Anesthesia

Bizarre Corpses: Fairies, Aliens, and More


Below is a link to an interesting article from the Mysterious Universe website (

The topic is one which I find fascinating.  Naturally, there is the potential for such ‘corpses’ to be little more than elaborate hoaxes.  Other instances, such as the tendency of actual skeletons and mummified human corpses to be found in ghost-houses and other such attractions (where they were believed to be props) offer an intriguing possibility.

The bias of expectation alters the perception of such items as are presented to us.  If we are led to believe that the props in a ghost-house are ‘fake’, then we perceive such, regardless of how realistic some may look.  Inversely, when presented with samples which are claimed to be the remains of mythical creatures etc., then our expectation that there such are mere hoaxes (resulting from the pre-formed belief that there is no such thing as fairies etc.) allows us to dismiss any evidence which is presented to us.  The key to all such instances is the application of sufficient effort to dispell any preconceptions and assess that which is presented as objectively as possible.

Yes, there are a lot of hoaxes out there.  However, some, just some of them, may be very real and erroneously dismissed as a result of them failing to fit to the pre-formed expectations of what such evidence would appear as.  An open mind is the key.


The link to the fine article and the source of the above image:

Source: Bizarre Alleged Corpses of Fairies, Aliens, and Other Fantastical Creatures | Mysterious Universe

Are Ghosts Afraid of Erect Scarecrows?

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The story about those excited scarecrows is below:

An interesting article concerning a village in Thailand where the fear that further men will die has led to the villagers taking drastic action.

After a number of deaths, it was suspected that the ghost of a widow was attacking men in their sleep.  Whilst some men have taken to dressing as ladies when going to bed, other villagers have sought to distract the maleific entity by the erection (!) of scarecrows which boast huge, erect, penises.  It seems that the ploy is working and we are left to wonder if the ghost is either: horny, a succubus, or afraid of a penis.

The article is linked below, with the image above taken from the article at the UK’s Daily Mirror website:

Five fit and healthy young men have died in recent weeks after it’s said a ‘spirit’ began haunting a remote village in Nakhon Phanom, north east Thailand

Source: Scarecrows with giant moving PENISES used to scare off ‘evil widow ghost killing women’s husbands’ in village – Mirror Online

The Vatican is Training More Exorcists

It certainly seems that the Catholic church is presently concerned with a perceived increase in daimonic activity.  After calls in Ireland for more exorcists, the situation in Italy is seemingly comparable and has lead to the Vatican stepping in to train exorcists.

Aside from a ridiculous change in the global zeitgeist, towards the ludicrous, I see nothing more which may have so many people panicked.  It is notable however that social turmoil in the sixteenth century led to infamous instances of reputed possession and the witchcraft trials in England and its colonies (see my The Wizard & the Witches: John Dee & the Witches of Pendle & Salem for details on how the social turmoils and environmental hardships manifested in such instances).

Thus, I am left to consider as to if we are on the verge of another witch-hunt?  If so, it may even be one even greater than the Satanic panic which arose out of fears of scientific advancement and the Cold War.

The article concerning the training of new exorcists is linked below, via the Catholic News Agency:

With reported demonic possessions on the rise in Italy, the Vatican is hosting a weeklong training to better prepare exorcists for ministry. Catholic leaders have said that the country needs more exorcists, and better training.

Source: Vatican trains exorcists as demonic possession claims rise

How to Bury a Witch: The Stories Behind 7 of the Strangest Witch Burials in History

An interesting article, from the Occult Museum site, on practises associated with the burial of reputed witches.   Noteworthy is the inclusion of Meg Shelton — the Woodplumpton Witch.  The story of Meg Shelton  and other famous witches from both Lancashire and Massachusetts are detailed in my study: The Wizard: & the Witches: John Dee & the Witches of Pendle & Salem

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The manner in which those accused of being witches, vampires, or werewovles provides a significant insight into the fears and superstitions which drove the local populace.  Whenever we assess such instances however, it is essential that we refrain from the imposition of our own contemporary ethics upon events,.  All events must be considered through a lens of spatio-temporal relativism.  Read the article and learn more about superstitions around witches etc., rather than reading to impose your judgement upon others.

Reade the full article via the link below:

Throughout history, the witch has played a role in the spirituality and history of civilization. Whether they were revered as healers and practitioners of arts beyond our understanding or hunted as strange and dangerous creatures, seeking to do harm to society. More often than not, witches were met with fear, anger and ultimately, death.

Source: How to Bury a Witch: The Stories Behind 7 of the Strangest Witch Burials in History