First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit – MIT Technology Review

Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above.

Source: First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit – MIT Technology Review


This news story should be huge.  The implications for an array of applications are massive.  Within a paranormal context, the mechanics of apports may be similar.

There are no coincidences…

There are no coincidences — only synchronicities awaiting our decoding of their significance.

Today, as I sat working upon my book about John Dee, there occurred one of those moments that I am unable to ignore.  As I typed on my laptop, four books fell from the large bookcase behind me — four texts from my collection of grimoires.  No book has ever fallen from the bookcase in such a manner before.   There was no draft, no vibration, and no feasible manner in which the books could fall from the large shelf.

Dee loved his book collections, perhaps I have a text that he was interested in.  It was the top shelf where I keep the rarest texts after all.  It is a shame that I see no reason for Dee to have remained as a discarnate entity in this realm.  I shall take it rather as a sign — guidance, rather than suggesting the presence of a ghost.



Using MRI technology to enable Telepathy for all…


A fascinating article from CNBC:

Whilst the notions that MRI scans can be used to decipher thoughts as they form is far from new, tests have demonstrated the prediction of answers to an array of questions, the concept of wearable technology making everyone able to communicate telepathically is interesting.  Aside to questions over side-effects and security, it once more raises questions over the means by which we could boost our own inherent abilities, rather than employing technology and a series of algorithms to enable communication.

Further, the cynic in me also thinks that this is the ultimate in lazy communication.  We ceased talking and writing in favour of texting each other — pretty soon we will simply think.

The Highway to Hell

Occasionally, the media seem to focus heavily upon the paranormal.  Invariably, they will report all manner of events, from the plausible to the ridiculous.

Today, the UK’s the Mirror is reporting on the Wakehurst Parkway – a haunted road in Australia.  The road, between Seaforth and Narrabeen, has a high ratio of road accidents and other phenomena including pedestrian crossings that activate by themselves and ghostly figures that can cause accidents.

The report can be found at:

The phenomena associated with the road are minor when compared with Englands A666.  Yes, in a country where the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency refuse to issue license plates with the number 666 for superstitious reasons, they deemed it appropriate to assign that very number to the road between Pendlebury and Langho, Lancashire.  To locals, the A666 is known as the ‘Devil’s Highway’.

The A666, or Devil’s Highway, connects northern Manchester to the Ribble Valley, running eerily close to the region that was the centre of the 1612 witch-hunts in and around the Forest of Pendle.  The Devil’s Highway has an abnormally high accident rate, with some famous incidents where people have lost control of their car in near perfect driving conditions.  Old mineshafts litter the area and may provide a link for the ghosts of old miners to affect the road above, or even possibly enable the direct interaction of sub-terrane an craftsmen such as the Norse Svartalfar or the Tommyknockers.  Ghostly figures roam the highway and drivers have frequently reported incidents of ‘lost time’ whilst driving along the road.  A stretch of the Devil’s Highway is fittingly named ‘St. Peter’s Way’ and is the region most commonly associated with road accidents.  That St. Peter is associated with the inverted cross, often mistakenly associated with Satanism, may inadvertently attract malefic energies to the region.

I shall refrain from further elaboration upon the nature of such ‘Highways to Hell’ as they comprise a section within the book I am currently writing.  Consider this brief insight a taster for what is to come…




Echoes of the Past as Priests turn to Satan?

In an eerie echo of the past, it seems that a sect of Catholic priests from Brazil have aligned themselves with Satan.


(Image from the original report at


The Heralds of the Gospel group are depicted in a video that portrays the recitation of a discussion between the group and Satan; a meeting that was attended by Monsignor Dias, thus an important member of the Church of Rome.  Naturally, such a reading is easily taken out of context.  It is just as likely that they were reading an amusing account that they had come across as it is that they actually had such a conversation.  The reading may have been for their amusement, or for them to be made aware of the perception of the groups activities by external parties.  The notion that the current Pope Francis is controlled by Satan is perhaps more political than anything, possibly suggesting Church politics is behind the text that is read aloud in the video.   The additional ‘prophecy’ of a meteorite striking the Atlantic ocean and destroying Northern America is a further possible clue as to the ‘comedic’ and ‘fantastical’ nature of the text being read.  In reading such a text in the presence of Monsignor Dias, who is cited by the text as the next Pope, then the potential for the narrative to be a fiction that is intended to flatter and amuse Dias is surely high.  Either way, the notion that they were sharing an actual conversation that they had held with Satan is pure conjecture and the product of sensationalist journalism.

Of course, the video is reminiscent of the heresy of priests that occurred in Europe, particularly France, during the Early Modern Period.  The infamous Black Masses of La Voisin and others all relied upon the attendance of a Catholic priest to facilitate the performance of the heretical rites.

We are thus left with three possible explanations:  the Heralds of the Gospel are a Satanic priesthood, the video is grossly out of context and merely depicts the reading of a text for the amusement of the group, or that the Church of Rome is engaged in a publicity stunt that capitalises upon the prevalence of diabolical stories in South America to reaffirm the reality of evil within the world – thus enhancing the perceived need for the Church.  Whilst the latter possibility may seem highly implausible, we should of course be mindful that the urge to reinforce the power of a theism can and has throughout history, fuelled witch-hunts when driven by those who capitalise upon superstition to assert the supremacy of their theology.  The report, from the UK’s Daily Mail website can be found here:

Ultimately, we are unlikely to hear the result of the investigation undertaken by the Vatican.  I have my own suspicion as to what the truth behind the video is: what is yours?



Would you be a nanny in a haunted home?

A fascinating news item, widely reported across an array of sources:  a position as a nanny for a family, paying £50k p.a. to live with them in their haunted home!

The most balanced report is by the BBC:

What is most notable about the story behind the employment opportunity is that the couple have never witnessed any paranormal activity themselves.  It seems however, that that their previous employees have reported strange noises and furniture that moves by itself.

A part of me dearly wishes this job vacancy to be the result of phenomena that are so disturbing, that the couple have no choice other than to offer a salary somewhat above the standard rate for a live-in nanny.  I fear however that this is more a case of the location making it difficult to find a suitable employee, with the mention of paranormal phenomena being a unique selling point to attract applicants.  What is certain however, is that the coverage of the vacancy has been global and will no doubt facilitate an easy follow-up should the successful candidate soon quit as a result of any phenomena.




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When dreams and reality merge into one, Peter finds himself embroiled in a battle for both his life and his sanity. 

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