Progression on my next non-fictional work

I am currently some 600 plus pages into the manuscript for my latest non-fiction work.  My head is spinning with some of the revelatory materials and the implied consequences for such.  All that I can say is that the work will be of immense interest to an array of people, covering historical and occult aspects to cast an illimunating light upon a period of history.  Like my the Left-hand of Odin, the work will also likely be divisive as it shatters some illusions which are all too commonly upheld.


Man claims his CHAIR is haunted and keeps moving around his flat… and the footage he’s recorded will leave you spooked

The below story, linked from the UK’s The Sun news site, is fairly easy to explain.

The link to the story:

AN illustrator who fears his home is being haunted by a ghost named Dear David has been sharing live updates about strange goings-on that have occurred in his flat. Adam Ellis claims the ghost of a…

Source: Man claims his CHAIR is haunted and keeps moving around his flat… and the footage he’s recorded will leave you spooked

The design of the chair is that of a lightweight rocking-chair.  The point of contact between the chair and the floor is thus minimal.  Such a minimal contact predisposes the chair to enable the easy induction of motion.  With the ‘victim’ living within an apartment, the likely explanation is that he has multiple neighbours, both on either side and possibly above or below.  Any vibration within the adjacent premises may thus easily induce a motion within the chair.  Such would also account for the fall of the wall ornament during the brief video clip.


Verdict: no paranormal phenomena here.  Merely environmental factors resulting in a vibrational resonance causing the chair and other objects to move.

Mum fears home is haunted by ghost leaving handprints on walls after learning new house holds dark secret – Mirror Online

The below link, from the UK’s Daily Mirror website, is to the story of the apparent manifestation of paranormal phenomena in the form of black ‘dusty’ handprints behind a door.


Joanne Gallagher believes a child ghost named ‘Benny’ is hanging around her home and says she now has a ‘bad feeling’ about the property

Source: Mum fears home is haunted by ghost leaving handprints on walls after learning new house holds dark secret – Mirror Online


This story has several possible explanations:

  • The stress caused by the incidents offers a reasonable claim for the family to seek relocation. Such could be suggestive of a motivation for the portrayal of such events – as with any investigation where there is something to be gained by the originator of the claims.
  • Dark handprints could easily be caused by an oil-based paint. If such a paint was used to produce ‘hand-print’ art, such as commonly made with children, then the handprints could later ‘bleed’ through any water-based emulsion used to paint over the handprints.  Water-based emulsion would be commonly used to prepare a dwelling for a new tenant given its low VOC rating and cost-effectiveness. Whilst oil-based paints would generally be ill-advised for use with children, such are readily available in art stores and may have been easily have been used for entertaining the children of previous tenants.
  • The ‘dusty’ element reported by the present tenant may be the result of dust clinging to the oily residue as it bleeds through the surface paint. With the location of the handprints being behind a door, then it is feasible that they were ‘missed’ during previous cleaning efforts.

No explanation is offered as to why a purported suicide which took place underneath the stairs would result in dusty hand prints behind a bedroom door.  The variance in location is illogical, as is the manifestation of handprints, which may be more readily associated with death during a fire.  The apparently unrelated claim of seeing an apparition of a black-haired lady at the top of the staircase is both unrelated to the handprints and suggestive of the influence of contemporary horror films upon the witnesses to such.


Verdict: no paranormal phenomena, only active imaginations combined with a pre-disposition to suspect paranormal causation and physical manifestations as the result of pre-existing environmental conditions.


Terrifying moment man catches a ‘ghost’ opening a heavy window in his ‘haunted’ cottage – Mirror Online

I am yet unconvinced by the video linked in the below article.  The motion of the lever is unnatural.  Whilst it may suggest the use of mechanical means to lift the lever and open the window, it may also demonstrate the lack of fluidity in the interaction between the preternatural and the perceivable realm.  That the owner lets the cottage may arouse suspicion as to a possible motivation, yet such is far from conclusive and the video is still perplexing.  The major question would be this — why such a tight framing of the window?  The activity may have occurred anywhere within the room and the framing was selective and thus biased towards the ommission of any phenomena, perceivable or otherwise, that may have been captured with a wider angle.


Verdict: uncertain, yet unconvincing of true paranormal activity.

Andrew Ward was so convinced that his 400-year-old cottage in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, was haunted that he set up his camera to capture any paranormal activity last week

Source: Terrifying moment man catches a ‘ghost’ opening a heavy window in his ‘haunted’ cottage – Mirror Online



Seere yourself this weekend

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UK’s This Morning programme airs a haunted doll?

THIS MORNING viewers were horrified today after a possessed doll appeared to genuinely haunt the ITV studio.

Source: This Morning viewers genuinely terrified by haunted doll as they spot THIS – did you? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |


Given that I watch so little television, never any programmes such as this, then it takes a while for these reports to make their way to my inbox.

The story of doll is far from the focus of this post.  I want to draw attention here to the fundamental question that should underpin all investigations into any phenomena: what is there to gain for those involved with the phenomena?

The crucial question provides immediate indication as to the level of scepticism that should be awarded to a case.  When a phenomena is associated with a media outlet, media programme, or an entertainment facility that can fiscally benefit as a result of increased visitors/patrons/viewers etc., then it is in their interests to document, claim, and report the phenomena.

In this case, the television programme receives increased publicity as a result of the rocking chair.  The question that should have been asked is: why did they specifically break from their set aesthetic to place the doll on a rocking chair, rather than on their standard seating?  The answer is likely that such enabled them to create the rocking motion, thus creating publicity for the programme.

The same line of investigative questioning must be taken in all instances.

-what is the phenomena?

-is there anything abnormal in the area that could signify a purposely created phenomena?

-is it in the interests of those involved to claim the existence of such phenomena?

The final question, the acid test if you will is this: do they want to bring about an end to the phenomena?  If not, why not?  Do they benefit from it fiscally or through the attention they seek?  Genuine victims who are scared will seek a means to bring about an end to the phenomena — it is these people who interest me and whom I will help if asked to do so.  Publicity seekers hold no interest for me.

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