Bad vibrations as a glass shatters in a pub

THIS is the spooky moment a pint glass mysteriously shatters in a pub the landlady claims is haunted.

Source from the Sun: Spooky moment a pint glass shatters on its own in ‘haunted pub’

Aside from the claims of other supernatural activity, which may be little more than a means by which to attract business, the video clip itself is easily explained.

The bar surface houses all manner of cables and pipes which provide power, cooling, and pump the drinks to the beer-pulls.  Any one of these systems is capable of creating a resonance.  If you have ever felt an electrical mains incomer vibrate due to resonant frequencies, then you know very well the reality of these vibrations.  I have previously cited this as the cause of other phenomena as reported in other bars.  In this instance, it seems that such a resonant vibration has caused the glass to shatter.  Whilst such may occur with any glass, a fault in the glass could also have increased its susceptability.  Whilst such lacks the audible decibels of a singer shattering a wine glass, the frequencies generated by the electrical and mechanical systems underneath the bars surface are capable of producing the correct frequencies to manifest this phenomenon.

Verdict: no paranormal activity here.


Work in progress

240,000 words, 666 pages, and over 800 footnotes to provide greater depth.  Yes, my next work is complete as a draft.  With so much to edit, it will be 2018 when the book is published.   I am currently editing around 10% per day.  I expect to finalise the text before Yule.

The research I have put into this work has been revelatory for myself.  The hours of study and investigation, field trips, and work upon the text itself has been a joy.  I have effectively put in sufficient study hours to qualify with a degree in the subject.  The value to myself has been so much greater — I have Become much more as a result of this process.


School CCTV captures ‘ghost’- Analysis and Verdict

It has been quiet on the paranormal news front for a few weeks.  Such is inherently caused by media outlets storing any such stories for the run-up to Halloween.  Well, with less than 30 days until Halloween, the ‘ghost’ stories are back.

Today, many news agencies, on both sides of the Atlantic, are covering the ‘locker ghost’ of Cork.  The below story and link is to the Sun’s coverage:

CCTV cameras at a school have captured a “ghost” slamming doors and rocking lockers at night. The eerie footage was filmed at Deerpark CBS, a school in Cork, Ireland, after motion-activated cameras…

Source: School CCTV captures ‘ghost’ slamming doors and toppling lockers at night… but is all as it seems?


So what can we deduce from the clip?

Firstly, there is a window behind the lockers which are seen to rock backward and forwards.  The window could provide an unseen access point through which an individual could apply sufficient force to the lockers.

Secondly, in a school environment, it seem unbelievable that these lockers have been positioned and never locked onto the adjacent units in order to stop them toppling.  Such installations occur however and such is therefore in no manner indicative of anyone uncoupling the units to facillitate the rocking.

Thirdly, the locker which is seen to burst open could easily have been rigged to do so.  It could easily also have subject to a manifest force which may or may not have a preternatural origin.

Fourthly, the ‘slippery surface’ sign which is kncoked over at the end of the clip could also have been rigged to do so.  It also however may have been subjected to a preternatural force.

Now the major issue with the clip:

The statement informs us that the school has had motion sensing cameras installed and that these recorded the activity.  I fin d such interesting given that the clip starts prior to the motion of the lockers.  Where is the movement which triggered the cameras motion detector?  How would a non-manifest entity trigger the motion sensor as these are almost invariably a form of PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor and detect body heat.  These sensors are the very same type which fail to detect you in a room where you fail to move and so switch the lights off on you.  Are we to believe that the cameras PIR sensor is so advanced that it is able to detect non-manifest phenomena?  PIR’s work on body temperature, thus whatever triggered it would have had to have had human body temperature.  Such is far from the extant theory of spirutal entities absorbing heat form an envrionment in order to accumulate energy.  In a cold school, in the midst of night, there is insufficient energy available for any entity to absorb enough to enable it to a full manifest apparition capable of triggering the cameras PIR sensor.

A final clue:  the loud noise which is audible at the very start of the video sounds like a door slamming shut.  Such suggests that a manifest and physical body had need of passing through a door.  The very same person is likely the one who triggered the PIR.

Verdict: unlikely to be any form of preternatural activity here.  It seems unlikely that the school itself is enacting a hoax as a publicity stunt as they have no need to.  School’s are unlikely to be seeking publicity for tourism or business afterall.  I suspect rather that an intruder into the school building is perpetrating a hoax as a Halloween scare.

The Dark Fragment Podcast

Whilst some topics require only a short blog post, others deserve an in-depth study that could effectively result in the publication of a book.  Somewhere between these extremes, there are shorter insights.  In order to offer my thoughts and insight into these topics, I have launched a podcast: the Dark Fragment

Each month, there will be a new Fragment which will last around 20-30 mins.  An array of topics will be covered, including: the occult, magic, the left-hand path, mythology, theology, philosophy, history, and the paranormal.

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The first Fragment is available now and provides an introductorary insight into the left-hand path.


Progression on my next non-fictional work

I am currently some 600 plus pages into the manuscript for my latest non-fiction work.  My head is spinning with some of the revelatory materials and the implied consequences for such.  All that I can say is that the work will be of immense interest to an array of people, covering historical and occult aspects to cast an illimunating light upon a period of history.  Like my the Left-hand of Odin, the work will also likely be divisive as it shatters some illusions which are all too commonly upheld.

Man claims his CHAIR is haunted and keeps moving around his flat… and the footage he’s recorded will leave you spooked

The below story, linked from the UK’s The Sun news site, is fairly easy to explain.

The link to the story:

AN illustrator who fears his home is being haunted by a ghost named Dear David has been sharing live updates about strange goings-on that have occurred in his flat. Adam Ellis claims the ghost of a…

Source: Man claims his CHAIR is haunted and keeps moving around his flat… and the footage he’s recorded will leave you spooked

The design of the chair is that of a lightweight rocking-chair.  The point of contact between the chair and the floor is thus minimal.  Such a minimal contact predisposes the chair to enable the easy induction of motion.  With the ‘victim’ living within an apartment, the likely explanation is that he has multiple neighbours, both on either side and possibly above or below.  Any vibration within the adjacent premises may thus easily induce a motion within the chair.  Such would also account for the fall of the wall ornament during the brief video clip.


Verdict: no paranormal phenomena here.  Merely environmental factors resulting in a vibrational resonance causing the chair and other objects to move.

Mum fears home is haunted by ghost leaving handprints on walls after learning new house holds dark secret – Mirror Online

The below link, from the UK’s Daily Mirror website, is to the story of the apparent manifestation of paranormal phenomena in the form of black ‘dusty’ handprints behind a door.


Joanne Gallagher believes a child ghost named ‘Benny’ is hanging around her home and says she now has a ‘bad feeling’ about the property

Source: Mum fears home is haunted by ghost leaving handprints on walls after learning new house holds dark secret – Mirror Online


This story has several possible explanations:

  • The stress caused by the incidents offers a reasonable claim for the family to seek relocation. Such could be suggestive of a motivation for the portrayal of such events – as with any investigation where there is something to be gained by the originator of the claims.
  • Dark handprints could easily be caused by an oil-based paint. If such a paint was used to produce ‘hand-print’ art, such as commonly made with children, then the handprints could later ‘bleed’ through any water-based emulsion used to paint over the handprints.  Water-based emulsion would be commonly used to prepare a dwelling for a new tenant given its low VOC rating and cost-effectiveness. Whilst oil-based paints would generally be ill-advised for use with children, such are readily available in art stores and may have been easily have been used for entertaining the children of previous tenants.
  • The ‘dusty’ element reported by the present tenant may be the result of dust clinging to the oily residue as it bleeds through the surface paint. With the location of the handprints being behind a door, then it is feasible that they were ‘missed’ during previous cleaning efforts.

No explanation is offered as to why a purported suicide which took place underneath the stairs would result in dusty hand prints behind a bedroom door.  The variance in location is illogical, as is the manifestation of handprints, which may be more readily associated with death during a fire.  The apparently unrelated claim of seeing an apparition of a black-haired lady at the top of the staircase is both unrelated to the handprints and suggestive of the influence of contemporary horror films upon the witnesses to such.


Verdict: no paranormal phenomena, only active imaginations combined with a pre-disposition to suspect paranormal causation and physical manifestations as the result of pre-existing environmental conditions.