About Äsruþr Cyneaþsson

Born near Birmingham, England in 1980, life’s path has taken me upon many journeys.  I now find myself to be an auto-didactic occult philosopher and magician.  Over the years, I have been a member of several pagan and occult organisations, encompassing an array of approaches. My approach has been to study comparative mythology, quantum physics, analytical psychology, existentialism, Neoplatonism, metaphysical realism, Runology, Odianism, and alchemy in pursuit of entelecheia.  I work as an author, occult researcher, and I am presently a priest within the Order of Apep.

I have studied extensively a wider range of religions and mythologies from around the world, ensuring a solid understanding of the various forms of energies that interact with our causal manifest plane of existence – be these energies deities, angels, daemons, djinn, elves, faeries, ghosts, or anything else.  My study and application of magic incorporates Runic divination, Tarot, Runic galdr and bind runes, ceremonial magic, application of the arts of Goetia to both invocation and evocation, astral working, channelling, and transmission of both causal and acausal energies, egregore formation and the application of energies for both manifestation and destruction.

As a child of the 1980’s, the classical films of the period sowed the seeds of a fascination with both the occult and paranormal.  The root of my interests are in personal experience, beyond mere fascination with the subject.  When I was around 14 years old, a glass bowl flew off the top of the television.  For those under twenty years of age – televisions used to be deeper than the modern flat screen and my mother was fond of making use of the television set as a shelf.  There are of course possible explanations for how the bowl flew from the top of the television including possible resonant vibration from the sound emitted by the television.  What resonance does not explain however is how the bowl flew from the top of the television and curved, yes curved, underneath the television to strike and dent the top of the VHS video-tape recorder in a recess underneath the television.  No part of the VHS machine protruded beyond the edge of the television, thus the bowl had to curve around the screen to strike the VHS machine.

Further incidents occurred throughout my teenage years.  At around fifteen years of age, my mother reported that she had ventured to the toilet in the middle of the night.  She reported that from the corner of her eye, she saw a black dog sat outside of my bedroom door, as if guarding the room.

Also around my fifteenth year, I awoke one night and quickly became aware that someone stood in my bedroom door, silhouetted against the dim twilight present in the hallway.  I sat up and called out ‘Mom?’, believing my mother to be at my door and that something was wrong.  The silhouette vanished as my eyes focussed directly upon it.

The incidents suggesting an entity around me as I slept continued over the years.  Whilst at university, a girlfriend returned to the bedroom during the nights and spoke to me as I sat on the edge of the bed.  To her horror, she then realised that I was fast asleep in bed and the entity had vanished.

Further experiences over the years have perpetuated my interest in paranormal activity.  I have since become adept in the occult arts and philosophy, now turning my skills towards an investigation of the paranormal, helping people along the way.  I have seen the darkness and I have no fear of it.

My books cover the earlier search for religion, the early work of The Lone Wanderer, and a study of Odin through the philosophy of the left-hand path in The Left-hand of Odin, which is now available in a revised and expanded second edition.  The later Runes – the Mystery Keys outlines a system of runic use and a path of initiation.   For those with an interest in the occult, secret societies, and the witch trials of the seventeenth century, then my vast study, The Wizard & the Witches looks at the links between John Dee and those accused of witchcraft in both Pendle and Salem.  All of my non-fiction works are available via Amazon and in many public and university libraries.

I have also released a thriller novel with an aphoristic plot for those philosophically attuned, yet the plots stand well enough by themselves to give a veritable thrill-ride for the reader.  Wake Up to Die is out now.  My occult horror, To Seere a Body, is a Lovecraftian manual of occult practises and an hypothesis as to the nature of our being, all contained within a fictional tale.  The folk-occult horror of Black is a tale of  one man’s descent into the remnants of occult arts which remain beneath the surface of 21st century society.  My fiction works are available via Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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