UK’s This Morning programme airs a haunted doll?

THIS MORNING viewers were horrified today after a possessed doll appeared to genuinely haunt the ITV studio.

Source: This Morning viewers genuinely terrified by haunted doll as they spot THIS – did you? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |


Given that I watch so little television, never any programmes such as this, then it takes a while for these reports to make their way to my inbox.

The story of doll is far from the focus of this post.  I want to draw attention here to the fundamental question that should underpin all investigations into any phenomena: what is there to gain for those involved with the phenomena?

The crucial question provides immediate indication as to the level of scepticism that should be awarded to a case.  When a phenomena is associated with a media outlet, media programme, or an entertainment facility that can fiscally benefit as a result of increased visitors/patrons/viewers etc., then it is in their interests to document, claim, and report the phenomena.

In this case, the television programme receives increased publicity as a result of the rocking chair.  The question that should have been asked is: why did they specifically break from their set aesthetic to place the doll on a rocking chair, rather than on their standard seating?  The answer is likely that such enabled them to create the rocking motion, thus creating publicity for the programme.

The same line of investigative questioning must be taken in all instances.

-what is the phenomena?

-is there anything abnormal in the area that could signify a purposely created phenomena?

-is it in the interests of those involved to claim the existence of such phenomena?

The final question, the acid test if you will is this: do they want to bring about an end to the phenomena?  If not, why not?  Do they benefit from it fiscally or through the attention they seek?  Genuine victims who are scared will seek a means to bring about an end to the phenomena — it is these people who interest me and whom I will help if asked to do so.  Publicity seekers hold no interest for me.


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