Coming soon: To Seere a Body


My latest philosophical novel probes the question: what are we?  

Peter Wilson is desperately searching for the truth.

Questions as to the nature of consciousness and the realities of astral travel torment him.   Driven by the pursuit for the truth, Peter commences a research project centred around sleep deprivation that has the potential to provide answers to his questions – answers that pose even more questions.

As sleep becomes a distant dream, the lines between reality and hallucination blur and Peter has no idea what is real or not.  When Peter’s research is brought under military control, he finds himself venturing further beyond what he ever dreamt to be possible as the boundaries of reality are stretched to the point of breaking in a series of eldritch events.


Thank you to all of those who nominated the book on the Kindle Scout programme!  I was impressed with the response and touched by the enthusiasm for the book.  Sadly, Kindle declined to pick up the book and so those who nominated it will not be given the chance to read it for free via Kindle — such is the mechanism of the Scout programme (those who nominate a book get to read it for free if it is picked up by Kindle Scout).  Fear not however, for I am looking into what I can do by way of a price campaign (likely a countdown deal).  I’ll post details here as soon possible.

The nature of the work, a philosophical novel enquiring into the nature of reality and consciousness within the form of an occult-horror, limits the interests of publishers and I highly doubted if Kindle would be interested (they weren’t, but a LOT of you were!).  The manuscript had a mixed reception elsewhere, with some publishers having no interest, others being unable to agree on it, and others making offers that were not inline with my requirements.  After six months of rounds with publishers, I have decided to publish the work directly.  The final stages are being completed now and I shall share the book details and links (including any price offers to reward those who nominated the work) here.

Again, thank you all.  Keep an eye on this blog for further details!


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