There are no coincidences…

There are no coincidences — only synchronicities awaiting our decoding of their significance.

Today, as I sat working upon my book about John Dee, there occurred one of those moments that I am unable to ignore.  As I typed on my laptop, four books fell from the large bookcase behind me — four texts from my collection of grimoires.  No book has ever fallen from the bookcase in such a manner before.   There was no draft, no vibration, and no feasible manner in which the books could fall from the large shelf.

Dee loved his book collections, perhaps I have a text that he was interested in.  It was the top shelf where I keep the rarest texts after all.  It is a shame that I see no reason for Dee to have remained as a discarnate entity in this realm.  I shall take it rather as a sign — guidance, rather than suggesting the presence of a ghost.




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