The Highway to Hell

Occasionally, the media seem to focus heavily upon the paranormal.  Invariably, they will report all manner of events, from the plausible to the ridiculous.

Today, the UK’s the Mirror is reporting on the Wakehurst Parkway – a haunted road in Australia.  The road, between Seaforth and Narrabeen, has a high ratio of road accidents and other phenomena including pedestrian crossings that activate by themselves and ghostly figures that can cause accidents.

The report can be found at:

The phenomena associated with the road are minor when compared with Englands A666.  Yes, in a country where the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency refuse to issue license plates with the number 666 for superstitious reasons, they deemed it appropriate to assign that very number to the road between Pendlebury and Langho, Lancashire.  To locals, the A666 is known as the ‘Devil’s Highway’.

The A666, or Devil’s Highway, connects northern Manchester to the Ribble Valley, running eerily close to the region that was the centre of the 1612 witch-hunts in and around the Forest of Pendle.  The Devil’s Highway has an abnormally high accident rate, with some famous incidents where people have lost control of their car in near perfect driving conditions.  Old mineshafts litter the area and may provide a link for the ghosts of old miners to affect the road above, or even possibly enable the direct interaction of sub-terrane an craftsmen such as the Norse Svartalfar or the Tommyknockers.  Ghostly figures roam the highway and drivers have frequently reported incidents of ‘lost time’ whilst driving along the road.  A stretch of the Devil’s Highway is fittingly named ‘St. Peter’s Way’ and is the region most commonly associated with road accidents.  That St. Peter is associated with the inverted cross, often mistakenly associated with Satanism, may inadvertently attract malefic energies to the region.

I shall refrain from further elaboration upon the nature of such ‘Highways to Hell’ as they comprise a section within the book I am currently writing.  Consider this brief insight a taster for what is to come…





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