Echoes of the Past as Priests turn to Satan?

In an eerie echo of the past, it seems that a sect of Catholic priests from Brazil have aligned themselves with Satan.


(Image from the original report at


The Heralds of the Gospel group are depicted in a video that portrays the recitation of a discussion between the group and Satan; a meeting that was attended by Monsignor Dias, thus an important member of the Church of Rome.  Naturally, such a reading is easily taken out of context.  It is just as likely that they were reading an amusing account that they had come across as it is that they actually had such a conversation.  The reading may have been for their amusement, or for them to be made aware of the perception of the groups activities by external parties.  The notion that the current Pope Francis is controlled by Satan is perhaps more political than anything, possibly suggesting Church politics is behind the text that is read aloud in the video.   The additional ‘prophecy’ of a meteorite striking the Atlantic ocean and destroying Northern America is a further possible clue as to the ‘comedic’ and ‘fantastical’ nature of the text being read.  In reading such a text in the presence of Monsignor Dias, who is cited by the text as the next Pope, then the potential for the narrative to be a fiction that is intended to flatter and amuse Dias is surely high.  Either way, the notion that they were sharing an actual conversation that they had held with Satan is pure conjecture and the product of sensationalist journalism.

Of course, the video is reminiscent of the heresy of priests that occurred in Europe, particularly France, during the Early Modern Period.  The infamous Black Masses of La Voisin and others all relied upon the attendance of a Catholic priest to facilitate the performance of the heretical rites.

We are thus left with three possible explanations:  the Heralds of the Gospel are a Satanic priesthood, the video is grossly out of context and merely depicts the reading of a text for the amusement of the group, or that the Church of Rome is engaged in a publicity stunt that capitalises upon the prevalence of diabolical stories in South America to reaffirm the reality of evil within the world – thus enhancing the perceived need for the Church.  Whilst the latter possibility may seem highly implausible, we should of course be mindful that the urge to reinforce the power of a theism can and has throughout history, fuelled witch-hunts when driven by those who capitalise upon superstition to assert the supremacy of their theology.  The report, from the UK’s Daily Mail website can be found here:

Ultimately, we are unlikely to hear the result of the investigation undertaken by the Vatican.  I have my own suspicion as to what the truth behind the video is: what is yours?




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