Would you be a nanny in a haunted home?

A fascinating news item, widely reported across an array of sources:  a position as a nanny for a family, paying £50k p.a. to live with them in their haunted home!

The most balanced report is by the BBC:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-40272554

What is most notable about the story behind the employment opportunity is that the couple have never witnessed any paranormal activity themselves.  It seems however, that that their previous employees have reported strange noises and furniture that moves by itself.

A part of me dearly wishes this job vacancy to be the result of phenomena that are so disturbing, that the couple have no choice other than to offer a salary somewhat above the standard rate for a live-in nanny.  I fear however that this is more a case of the location making it difficult to find a suitable employee, with the mention of paranormal phenomena being a unique selling point to attract applicants.  What is certain however, is that the coverage of the vacancy has been global and will no doubt facilitate an easy follow-up should the successful candidate soon quit as a result of any phenomena.




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