Black Eyed Children respond to sound

On Wednesday 10th May, 2017, the UK’s Daily Express ran a story on a paranormal investigator who has a video of a youth with Black Eyes, although such is beyond what we may discern from the video, outside of his property.

The story can be found here:

and the original video here:

The backstory is seemingly that the investigator has a history of strange interactions with what appears to be Black Eyed Children on or around his property.  The investigator has a YouTube channel, Fantastic Daily:

The video in question depicts a face, cast mostly in shadows, that appears on the porch of the investigators property during the night.  The abundance of other videos on the investigators YouTube channel suggests that the issue has been of interest to him for some time.  The investigator has taken the innovative step of isolating a sound pattern, barely audible, that he believes is present in the videos he has of the Black Eyed Children.  The hypothesis is seemingly that the sound is a signal that attracts or co-ordinates (I can only think of the countdown signal in Independence Day here!) the children.  That the investigator then trials the sound, over a number of nights, before recording a youth standing near still, for nearly an hour, on the porch of his property is then claimed in the video.

Immediate questions:

  • Why would the youth merely stand still, facing into the house, for around an hour? When was the last time a youth was able to stand still for five minutes, never mind an hour?
  • Why are we only given a minute of the video? Where is the rest of the video?
  • If you think that you are being stalked by youths in your home each night, then what motivates a person to record, even attempt to attract, them? If you are being pestered by wasps, the common course of action is to get rid of the pests.  Who laces their home with syrup in an effort to attract more of the pests to merely record them?  Yes, this is a stretch of a comparison, but where is the motivation to defend the self and the young family?


Something that also occurred to me, as I watched the video, is that the sound extracted from the earlier recordings may be incidental.  It may well have some source to which the youths were originally attracted, perhaps a form of entertainment.  By replicating the sound and broadcasting it to attract the youths, the investigator may have inverted the approach used by the sonic deterrents used to disperse anti-social gatherings of youths, as became increasingly popular in the UK a few years ago.

Given that there are certain frequencies that are only audible to those under 25 years old, then the researcher may be broadcasting a sound inaudible to himself and others, yet unwittingly attracting the youths.  The direction for research should then turn towards the identification of any possible audio source within the property that may be producing any sound that is audible and attractive only to youths.  That such a frequency may have a binaural or hypnotic effect, thus inducting a trance state in the youth, should also be an avenue of investigation.

Ultimately, whilst I am unable to comment directly as to the existence of Black Eyed Children, the elimination of the more obvious and easily explainable causes must be the first course of action.  If these are eliminated and the issue persists, then the claim of a paranormal incident may be made.



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