February 24th 2017… a day of infamy (or stupidity)

February 24th 2017… a day of infamy (or stupidity)

At an allotted time, midnight, a social-justice seeking collective of witches and pagans sought to bind the U.S. President Donald Trump. 


Article links from the NY Times and UK’s Metro:




Such is a demonstrable act of folly for a host of reasons:

               -The stroke of midnight by which the collective sought to co-ordinate their efforts was actually 00:00am on 25th February, given that midnight sees the turn of the day.  Yes, timing is all important in magic, unless of course you merely dabble without much of an idea as to what you are doing.

               -There was seemingly little effort to co-ordinate timings for the global action.  A concurrent working is far more powerful, yet the disparity in time zones saw witches in England working 5 or more hours ahead of the collective in the eastern United States, who themselves were hours ahead of their west coast collaborators.

               -The alignment of the working is with the waning moon.  If the intent was to use the new moon, then such occurs at 14:58 GMT on 26th February.  Again, timing…

               -It may also have been more effective, if the intent was to create hope, to wait for the waxing moon.  Such would have encouraged the growth of positive energies.  The timing and performance of the binding under a waning moon certainly suggests an ignorance of timing or an intent to create a destructive binding.  Again, timing and knowledge…

               -If the binding were to be effective, then surely the risk is that of creating a provocation to pursue witches and pagans.  For those who think such is improbable in the 21st Century, then search for the case of a Romanian politician who fell foul of a hex cast in response to a change in taxation against witchcraft. 

               -If some calamity were to befall the President, would those claiming success and proclaiming their role in the binding then be sought for their role in a conspiracy?

               -If the binding is claimed to be successful, leading perhaps to President Trump being more ‘restrained’ in the subjective view of those casting the spell, then how are we to know what is President Trump’s own restraint and thought, or what is the result of the binding?  There is no measure by which to gauge success in a working such as this.

               -The counter action by Christian groups, offering prayers to protect President Trump, is perhaps likely to gather a greater number of participants.  With the mechanism of prayer being little different to a direction of magical intent, then the suggestion would be that a greater number of participants plus what could be viewed as a dominant deity in the current aeon, then the Christian prayer groups have an advantage.

               -The support of the Christian groups by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, amongst other magical groups, with calls to counter the binding of President Trump with workings of a ceremonial magic nature adds further weight to the idea that the magical balance is tipped in favour of protecting the President.


Personally, I have no interest in taking part, on either side, for a variety of reasons.  Ultimately, it amuses me that once more we see the response to a perceived threat, is to make a counter-threat.  The reaction to a perceived constraint of freedom, is to bind the President and effectively enforce a constraint against the President.  These are the actions of intolerance.  If the President had restricted the actions of the witches, with a legal binding perhaps, then they would be crying ‘persecution’.  Their actions are risky indeed, and perhaps ill-thought out.




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