Man flees after poltergeist haunts his utility room | Daily Mail Online

Another slow day for the news agencies sees a multitude of them report upon the movement of a bottle of laundry detergent in Australia.  The below image and article link is to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper and website.




This is the eerie moment a poltergeist seems to take over an Australian police officer’s utility room. John Edwards, 29, took to Snapchat to document the ghostly goings on and was petrified by what he saw.

Source: Man flees after poltergeist haunts his utility room | Daily Mail Online


To the credit of the report, we have a rare instance in which the journalist displays the application of rational enquiry to the case, suggesting that natural means could cause the motion of the bottle such as a vibration.  Where others have suggested the washing machine’s vibration to be at cause, the individual, John Edwards, asserts that the machine was off at the time.  Refreshingly, the journalist suggests that there are other causes of vibration such as nearby vehicular traffic.

Of course, the natural question has been glaringly omitted:  why would you investigate a ‘strange noise’ in you basement with a live-video stream?  Surely, in Australia, the first thought would be as to what animal may have found its way into the basement.

Either this case is a poorly conceived attempt to deceive, or it is a sad example of the state of our modern world – where the instinct to investigate is superseded by the instinct to upload every aspect of our lives to social media.

A further possible cause for the motion of the bottle would be that of moisture trapped underneath the bottle, with the subsequent vacuum allowing for the fluid motion of the bottle across the smooth surface.  The speed of motion however makes such unlikely, yet far from impossible.

As for the picture frame which fell from the wall:  hanging anything below a wall mounted air-conditioning split unit will produce such a result as the air blows down and air currents around the device cause motion in anything directly below the unit.  The proximity to the cooling effect of the air-conditioner also creates a reasonable potential for the contraction of the material from which the frame or hanging mechanism is formed.


Verdict: no paranormal activity concerned with the picture frame.  Inconclusive as to the cause of the detergent’s motion, although the circumstances that led to the use of video to investigate what was more likely an animal disturbance is suspect.


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