Are atheists subject to possession by daemonic entities?

Are atheists subject to possession by daemonic entities?

Such a question requires serious contemplation.  What follows is a mere meditation upon the issue.

If we assume the general Abrahamic view of daemonic entities as ‘sinister’ and ‘malevolent,’ then surely the atheist is a prime candidate for daemonic attack.  What greater distress and terror is possible to inflicted than to combine the act of possession, with the aim of integration, with a complete destruction of the atheistic belief system.  Surely, for a malevolent entity, the mental anguish caused by such an invasive destruction of the belief system would create a perfect maelstrom of emotional and psychological confusion and energy upon which to attach itself.

The atheist may suggest that to the contrary, it is the belief in deity that allows for the belief in daemons.  Such is a common rationale as to why it is commonly those who fervently believe in deity, inclusive of the malevolent intentions of Satan and his daemonic hoard, that succumb to daemonic possession whilst atheists suffer no such attack.

The question is then thus:  is theological belief the enabler of daemonic possession?

If we accept the nature of daemonic possession to be the presence or direct influence of an invasive consciousness into the individual, then we denote that it is something other than the ‘normal’ condition of being.  Without digress into the notion that the soul itself is a supernatural entity, integrated with the host body, the core notion of an alternate and invasive conscious personality then holds similarity with schizophrenia.

We must then ask if the atheist is equally susceptible to the same ‘attack,’ labelling such as a psychological schizophrenia where the Abrahamic adherent labels such as daemonic possession.  Without a true knowledge, a noesis as to the nature of the consciousness we term ‘the self,’ then ultimately, we are subject to restrictive assignment of labels in accordance with our belief systems.  The atheist belief system labels in the terms of scientism, whilst the theist may label in the terms of their theology.  Regardless of the label, without rationalised knowledge, we remain trapped within the cave of illusion and eikasia, at most pistis.  We have little hope for the attainment of noesis until we can abandon our labels of belief and embark upon the great pursuit of truth.



2 thoughts on “Are atheists subject to possession by daemonic entities?”

  1. In the Christian world view one of demons and/ or evil spirits primary goals is to lead humanity away from belief in God. Upon the atheist, I could assume they would look at the individual ask why even bother and move on to torment someone else.


    1. To lead Christians into atheism would be less pleasurable for a daemon than to create the notion that they have rather been abandoned by God. As an atheist would also fail to believe in a daemon, then the conversion of a Christian into an atheist would also eliminate the element of belief within the mechanism that may ultimately enable the possession. To eliminate the means by which one is able to effect a possession, with a view towards seeking integration, would be anathema to the daemon. As such, the objective is rather more towards the creation of the perception of abandonment as opposed to atheism. The atheist thus remains an intriguing target for the daemon. If the daemon is able to effect a possession of an atheist, then the challenge to the belief system is even more profound. Any daemon who is able to possess and torment an atheist into the shattering of their belief system in recognition of the existence of a daemon would have truly excelled beyond the mundane use of belief in, possibly even desire for, daemonic possession as a mechanism by which to torment and seek integration.


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