Reports of a ‘demonic doll’ surface across bored media outlets…


Occasionally, my inbox explodes with an array of reports related to a singular event.  Today saw such an occasion.  The event that is viral is that reported by a variety of news sites as a video of a demonic possessed doll that moves whilst a girl plays.

The video is on YouTube here:

The sensationalist headlines draw attention to the motion of the doll.  Very little is said about the second part of the clip, where papers and pencils fly off a table at which the girl is seen to be drawing.  A minute amount of investigation from the clip led to the YouTube channel for the above linked clip.  Information for the channel, as well as the associated Facebook page, is scare.  It does reveal that it is a Spanish language page and a basic use of a translation site shows that it purports to be an individual interested in the paranormal who then decided to record around his home in order to document strange occurrences that arise in the presence of his daughter.  Nothing too unusual there.

The journalists for the news sites resisted the basic urge to dig a little deeper.  I believe that it used to be called investigative journalism, although perhaps it has been replaced with the production of ‘click-bait.’  As the above linked video shows, the video continues and even shows an instance by which the girl is shown sleeping at night.  Edits show the father sleeping.  The camera ‘flickers’ in true paranormal reality horror style and the girl leaves her bed.  After some edits and a few more flickers, the girl returns with blood on her face – all in a somnambulistic trance and gets back into bed.  The camera also shows blood smears on her bedroom wall.  The father then shows bloody writing upon the floor.

In assessment:

-the primary clip of the doll moving

-the popularity of the possessed ‘Annabelle’ from the recent films showing the work of the Warren’s has created a real interest, thereby a media interest, in demonic dolls.

-the doll’s motion is clearly unnatural and stutters as if the motion is achieved through a stop-motion capture that is then spliced in a segmented overlay onto the footage of the girl.  Yes, it appears to be nothing more than a poor attempt at animation to achieve the effect.


-the irrational filming of the daughter suggests there is a fictional/marketing nature to the work.  Filming the house in such an array of coverage is extreme, yet tenable.  Filming the daughter and yourself asleep is an extreme step.

-the overall tone of the video clips, along with the name of the host channel ‘the other dimension’ suggest a link to the Paranormal Activity series of films.  Specifically, the Marked Ones and the Ghost Dimension.


Conclusion:  fake videos as a part of a viral campaign or wider fictional film.


Link to the report is below and their journalistic effort:

The ‘haunted doll’ is filmed twisting its head from side to side before objects fly across the room in the creepy vide

Source: ‘Demon possessed doll’ blinks and nods head before entire room shakes leaving young girl terrified – Mirror Online


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