Mum claims she is haunted after snapping orphaned ghost girl who wanted to be her friend | Weird | News | Daily Express

Here is a somewhat interesting report, linked below at the newspaper.

When the image is viewed, it certainly appears as if the apparition is behind a branch and in front of others.  Such gives the apparition some level of manifest form that is able to attain a degree of opacity.  The form has no especially striking features to convey the notion of a person or specificallya girl other than the hair.  The body could easily be suggested by a tree limb in a low-light source image.  The defined hair and placement of a dark pool where the eye would be present are somewhat more difficult to explain as aspects of low-light photography.

It is only upon a reading of the article that possible explanations are offered.  The image was taken during an organised ghost walk [suspicion aroused].  The guide pointed to the tree and suggested that some had seen the ghost of a young girl there [suspicion peaking…]. Whilst these suggestions alone may explain the image as a form of pareidolia, there is perhaps still even a more likely explanation.  Organised ghost walks have a tendency to employ actors or props to convey a sense of atmosphere and generate positive reviews from people who believe they saw something.  Has this been discounted?  No, that would have involved some responsible investigative journalism rather than the simple selling of stories.

So what of the experience of Ms Butler who has now been haunted by the ghostly apparition?  Perhaps she is subject to a projection of an inner form of her psyche, possibly even an acausal archetype from the collective unconscious.  Such may then assume the form of the ghostly apparition that Ms Butler is pre-conditioned by the ghost walk and image to invest belief, therefore psychical energy, into.  The ghost in the image may not have been real, yet it is possible that Ms Butler has manifested something which has assumed this pre-energised form.

The story is below:


A MOTHER claims she is still haunted by the spooky image of an orphaned ghost girl she unwittingly photographed three years ago – because the ghoul wanted to be her FRIEND.

Source: Mum claims she is haunted after snapping orphaned ghost girl who wanted to be her friend | Weird | News | Daily Express


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