Ghost hunters capture spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings

An interesting report, linked below from

Whilst never the epitome of journalistic integrity, the Sun is one of many media outlets reporting this case from Bradford, England.

Some thoughts:

  1.  Photographic experts have verified the image.  Okay — what experts?  What did they verify? Was it merely a verification that the raw image data had not been tampered with?  If so, it does little to dispell any notion of the image being that of someone or something upon the stairs.  Such is far from supporting the notion of paranormal activity in the image.
  2. There is a distinct lack of the other images taken at the time.  Any images before or after the image below would enable further assessment of the source image.  As always, multiple images and multiple angles can either support an images claim of proof for the paranormal or dispell it.  One image does neither.
  3. The shutters at the landing seem to be a recent addition.  The only comparison of the staircase featured I have found is in a brief clip from a section of an episode of Britain’s Most Haunted television series.  The shutters were absent during that investigation.
  4. Whilst there is the possibility that the outline of what appears to be a ‘woman’ could be paranormal in origin, the following possibilities should also be taken into account:
    1. What may appear to be the ‘head’ is also replicated to the upper right of the image.  It could thus be a series of wall mounted fixtures.
    2. The ‘body’ of what appears to be an apparition, may actually be little more than the distortion of an object behind the bannister.  Without further images and angles for the staircase, it is impossible to verify that this is or is not the case.
    3. A close-up image of the ‘hand’ would be appreciaited.  The investigators refer to someone having a bad skin condition if the image is of someone on the stairs.  Such a claim would suggest that they have a zoomable or more detailed image.  Without such an image being shared to the media, then it is impossible to verify either way.
  5. Suspiscion is always raised where:
    1. paranormal groups are involved and ‘produce’ evidence – especially those groups who have branded merchandise as such suggests a commercial interest.
    2. The site of the occurence hosts ‘ghost hunts’.  Again, such is a clear commercial interest.
    3. Prior investigation by commercially interested media, such as ‘Most Haunted’ that both create commerce for the media industry and the hospitality/attractions industry.
      1. Whilst inconclusive evidence abounds, the prevelence of fraudulent claims by commercially interested businesses requires that any paranormal evidence is supported by data and further images in order that it can be objectively assessed.  Such is the unfortunate result of the tendency towards attention seeking claims.

Ultimately, there is a lack of supporting evidence by which the image can be validated.  There is certainly no immediately apparent reason to dismiss the image, although circumstantial suspiscions must be allayed in order to further the claim of paranormal apparitions as being present within the image.

Verdict:  UNCLEAR

It may well be a ‘ghost’.  The lack of compliance with the commonly described apparitions at the site, although it could be a distortion of the ‘grey lady’ form, perhaps suggests that this is something other than a hoax as such would be inclined towards the support of the ‘pink lady ghost’ etc.  Send me the evidence of further images from the staircase please.


GHOST hunters claim to have captured a spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings. Julie Cockroft, 55, was at the 14th century Bolling Hall …

Source: Ghost hunters capture spooky ‘woman in black’ phantom figure at one of Britain’s most haunted buildings


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