WATCH: The Exorcist director caught real DEMONIC possession on camera | Films | Entertainment | Daily Express

An interesting report below from the UK’s Daily Express.  Given the resurgence of daemonic posessions and the interest in the Exorcist film and television series (a further link beyond those of Harry Potter etc?), then there are two points of note in the linked article.

  1.  Friedkin believes that psychiatrists are more open now to the notion of daemonic posession.  Certain psychiatrists have always been.  Jung applied the term ‘inflation’ to the influence of a non-manifest archetypal consciousness upon a person.  Jung, in his seminars on Nietzshe, proposed that it was such an inflation by ‘another’ that led to the furious pace of Nietzsche producing the seminal ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’.  Jung later offered that Nietzsche’s failure to externalise the being led to an assumption of it being a part of himself and thus may have caused, or contributed, to Nietzsche’s madness.
    1. Jung never differentiated between daemon and deity, perhaps rightly so given the associations that are readily drawn between the higher consciousness that is called the ‘Holy Guardian Angel’ and the higher daemon of ancient Greece.  The application of a name is mere subjective transference of mundane notions of mans good and evil upon an acausal being or aspect of consciousness that we have no true understanding of.
  2. The video clip, more a series of stills, is accompanied by audio of the exorcism.  The translations are fascinating.  Indeed, the abillity to produce words of unknown or archaic languages under altered states is a widely known phenomena.  I have personal experience with such that continually shifts my own comprehension of how such functions and manifests.


THE EXORCIST director William Friedkin has filmed a real exorcism and now believes in demonic possession – watch his footage below.

Source: WATCH: The Exorcist director caught real DEMONIC possession on camera | Films | Entertainment | Daily Express


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