The nature of manifestations

If their is one aspect of quantum physics which directly affects the realm of the paranormal, then it is the multiverse concept. Once we accept that time is only linear in our perceived sequence of experience, then we realise that past, present and possible futures all occur concurrently.

The bleed between dimensions of the multiverse accounts for some aspects of what we may perceive to be ghostly apparitions. An energy bleed from one dimension into the other may create the situation whereby one may witness a non-interactional entity. It is also possible that some of these energies are mere residual energies. Traumatic events generate high levels of emotional and psychic energy which may then leave a vibrational residue which some of us are more liable to perceive. Ultimately, the many ghostly apparitions with which we have no direct interaction, or they seemingly are unaware or unable to interact with this dimension, are mere energy signatures. The origin may be residual or inter-dimensional bleed.

Beings which are aware and consciously interact are however another thing entirely…


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