Nina Kulagina: A Real Psychokenetic The World Completely Forgot About – Collective Evolution

A fascinating topic and a good summary of research, with credible links and videos hosted on YouTube from the team at  The original article is linked directly below.

Psychokinesis is very much a possibility and very real.  If the mind enforces will through the stimulation of the brain to produce electrical impulses, conveyed to muscular motion by nerve cells, then all that is required to enable psychokinesis is the ability to externalise these electrical signals.  As the human body is made of the same elements and atomic particles that the totality of the manifest objective universe is comprised of, then these elements are equally subject to the same stimuli if and when we are able to communicate our will beyond our bodies.  The application of vibratory techniques, such as those used in galdr, are an example of ritualistic externalisation of the will.  A more refined psychic energy transmission is possibly achieved by Kulagina and others.  Given the notion that everything in the manifest causal universe has supposedly a singular origin, within the big bang, then every particle is subject to a degree of quantum entanglement.  The implication here is that in exertion of the will to influence one particle, we may be able to affect a change in entangled particles.  Through a focus to apply the will to the maxim of ‘as above, so below’, we may find the keys to the power of the Socratic ‘man, know thyself’.


The original article is linked below:

Psychokinesis is the ability to move material objects using the power of mind alone. It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but there is ample evidence to suggest that humans are capable of moving objects with their minds. Should this prove true, it would be fascinating to say the least, and would suggest that all human beings […]

Source: Nina Kulagina: A Real Psychokenetic The World Completely Forgot About – Collective Evolution


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