22 schoolgirls ‘suffered mass demonic possession’ and foamed at mouth after playing game of ‘Charlie Charlie’ – Mirror Online

An interesting event, linked below from the UK’s Mirror newspaper (not the most credible of media sources, but then other sources have this report also).

Given the strong religious beliefs in Columbia, then the mass hysteria which followed the initial four ‘possession’ cases is far from surprising.  The initial outbreak is likely a case of hypnotic suggestion — the religious belief creating a manifestation of the fear associated with the game they were playing.  Hypnosis is all self-hypnosis and reliant upon the imagination as a key with which to unlock the power of the subconscious mind.  A strong fear and belief, combined with the focus of the game, may well have resulted in the creation of a possession state within young minds which were readily open to suggestion.

The reasoning of hypnosis as a means by which the possessed states arose is in no manner dismissive.  Shamanic trance and meditative states are all forms of hypnosis.  The states achieved through psychedelic drugs achieve much the same — they unlock the totality of the mind.  Such then leads to the question as to if these possessions are mere manifestations of the children’s imaginations or if they unlocked access to the Jungian collective unconscious and brought forth acausal beings into a channelled manifestation?  Naturally, had they brought forth forms other than those largely associated with Catholicism, then there would be a suggestion that they tapped the collective unconscious as they would have had no knowledge of the beings brought forth.  As it stands, the children were most likely expectant of communication with ghosts or demons and these expectations brought forth a manifestation of their fears of possession by such entities.  Where this belief is an element in the causation, then an appropriate Catholic ritual for exorcism is expected and empowered by the victims mind.


The children were screaming and writhing in the traumatic incident in Colombia and one claimed she saw ‘man in black’ in vision

Source: 22 schoolgirls ‘suffered mass demonic possession’ and foamed at mouth after playing game of ‘Charlie Charlie’ – Mirror Online


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