Äsruþr Occult

Greetings!  Welcome to the home of Äsruþr Cyneaþsson here on WordPress.

Here is where you will find out more about myself, Äsruþr, and my work with the occult.

 In order to get the most out of the site, you must first ask yourself why you are here:

Are you simply interested in the occult or paranormal?  If so, then the main blog section is for you!

If you are looking for my books, then you will find those on the shop page.

It may be that you have a need for some support with the occult or paranormal; perhaps you need a blessing, an exorcism, a tarot reading, or the application of some spell work.  For any of those issues, a conversation is required and I urge you to contact me via the Contact me page and ask you to note that I presently only offer services in Lancashire, England.  I shall also take this opportunity to make the following very clear:  I am only interested in bringing the distress and torment caused by perceive phenomena to an end.  I will assist you by either clearing any entities or energies from the site, or by disproving any notion of a paranormal cause.  I have no interest in furthering the claims of sites who feed on such a reputation to fuel their own business.  I have no interest in paying you for access to sites — I charge you for dealing with your issue, either fiscally or in the use of your case for my published works.